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VEGA Confection and L'Industrie de la Confection are two Tunisian exporting companies specialized in the work wear and uniforms.

Our products cover a wide range of products: Reflective Clothing, basic models, professional and corporate wear, military clothing, flame resistant and waterproof, Hospitality clothing for hotels and cafe, healthcare clothing as well as custom clothes with various options.

We have the equipment adapted to the all basis weights of cotton fabrics

For over 25 years, we have established a trustful relationship with our major clients, mainly located in France.

We offer our customers an extended flexibility in:

  • Quantities : we manufacture all models from a commissioned piece and we realize on order, small, medium and large production runs
  • Deadlines : we adapt to your schedule requirements
  • Prices : Expertise and Advanced Technology with competitive and highly studied prices.
  • Partenership : We propose different types of parternership:
    • Subcontracting : our teams performs for you the clothing manufacturing and the design, also if required, data sheets specifying the material and fabrics consumption
    • Co-contracting : In addition to clothing manufacture, we provide the development and the needed supplies.
    • Finished product : we are able to make items based on a photo or drawing, a description, a datasheet. Our departments provide the pattern, gradation and manufacturing, and also the purchase of fabric and supplies.

Key date

Creation and evolution of our company

The creation of
VEGA Confection
The expansion of VEGA Confection (local of 1500 m2)
Creation of L'Industrie de la Confection

Key data


394 machines


350 Workers


3300 m2



Production lines


Production capacity

up to 50.000 pieces monthly